Steps To Become A Fashion Model

You might fantasize the life of supermodels; however you need to realize they did not become a supermodel overnight. It takes a lot of effort and practice and hence you need to prepare yourself for the unthinkable. For starters, here are a few simple steps you can follow to start off your journey to become a fashion model.

    • Take a few snapshots
      The whole point of taking a few shots is for your agencies to identify the potential in you. All they are looking for is a few simple shots that showcase your natural beauty and talent. A female model should present a few shots of your face while smiling and not, straight and side shots of your face and body and maybe a few poses. Wear body fitting clothes so that they could see your body shape and curves. A pair of skinny jeans with a skinny or t-shirt would be more than adequate. If you can, wear a swimsuit too. Any of a one piece or bikini would be fine. A male model should include topless shots since your fitness is what they are looking for.
    • Take professional advice
      Most people start their journey to become a fashion just because a family member or friend said they should. You may have won the title of prom queen, but this does not mean you would fit the fashion industry. It is not about just a pretty face but also many more factors. So, get yourself evaluated by a professional. If you could meet a few professional models one on one that would be great. If not, look for workshops done by them. You need to be sure of who you are taking advice from as you do not want to get a blepharoplasty Melbourne done just by listening to an amateur photographer.
    • Know the best market for you
      Well of course, you need to market yourself in the correct market that fits you. You should choose your modelling style according to your body shape, height and personality. Runway model, print model, over-sized model, underwear model etc. are some of the options. Choose what is best for you by considering their requirements and then you could go meet a cosmetic surgeon Melbourne if you need any medical treatments done. However, remember that being a plastic doll is not what is searched for in the fashion industry; it’s much more than that.
    • Be persistent
      No person became a supermodel overnight. It took them long years of rejection. So, being persistent is vital. Stay positive and don’t let the challenges bring you down. Rather, you need to strengthen yourself through them.
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Do You Dream Of Having Perfect Facial Skin?

Do you dream of owning the skin of a movie star? It is merely the ill care of your skin that may have led to complications on your face. Your face, out of all the parts of your body requires much attention because that it the first impression an external party receives of you at a glance. Maintaining a healthy skin is vital if you expect to look appealing. This can be achieved through proper care of your face. Following are some of the tips that you may find useful when it comes to your facial skin.

Follow a routine

Your skin is not the same as your friend’s, or even your mother’s. You have a unique skin type; in fact, everyone has their own type of skin. Therefore, identifying what suits you best is up to you. Do not follow the same routine that your mother follows because different types of skin and age gap can make a difference in the products you use. Out of the many types, it is up to you to decide whether your skin belongs to one of the following categories; normal, blemish, sensitive, dry or oily.

Washing is important

Before taking any facial treatments, you must know that washing your facial is skin is highly necessary. However, it is also important to know that you must only wash your face twice a day. Yes! Do not exceed nor go down that limit. Although many have the belief that the more you wash the healthier it will be, over-washing can cause your skin to become dry. If possible, use a good quality cleanser while washing.

Use sunscreen

Have you been the victim of sun burns? Then you are doing something wrong. You must keep in mind that walking out in the sun could cause severe damage to your skin in ways that you might have never imagined. Using a sun screen with the right amount of SPF level is up to you to decide. In countries that have sunlight almost every day, it is advisable to use a 50 SPF sunscreen or 35 SPF in the least.

Spotless skin

If you are able to follow the given tips, you will be able to look at your reflection in the mirror and be proud of what you’ve achieved by taking care of your precious skin, instead of getting expensive procedures such as laser hair removal in Moonee Ponds.

Keep in mind to turn to more natural methods in treating your skin whenever possible rather than turning to artificial methods which may have side effects in the future.

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